Water Ionizer – PH9
Water Ionizer - PH9 GENERATOR
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                                           A.K PH9


                            portable Alkaline water Ionizer



Healthy water. Alkate your life with A.K PH9 which relieves you of


good absorption water.



A.k PH9 product is recognised in the world's first portable alkaline water bottles.


The alkaline water, any additional device to create a not require a device.



A.k PH9 a bottle of water ionization properties of a substance in accordance with the


           (bottle) itself. PH of (hydrogen ion concentration index) increase in alkaline.



Function & Benefits


. The small particles of the water molecules apart to hand over neck is soft and help absorption


  rate. Help strike a balance of the body.


. Antibacterial function of various drinks will remain fresh for longer in effect.


. Excellent thermal strength and deformation in the water of not more than 100 ° c not happen.


. Cleaning, storage and easy to manage without separate additional device is in a bottle.


. Supplementary food (push the rate of absorption of proteins, etc.).


. Absorption rate is fast in the body promote faster recovery by improving health, chronic




. You can enjoy all the benefits of The alkaline water.





. Alkaline to increase the level ph ak ph9 drinks, please.


. Ak ph9 drinks each species in when you shake. Water ph (hydrogen ion concentration index)


  rate of change increases. Shake well to use.



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